Big Artist Gallery is one of the leading dealers in Chinese painting and contemporary art with museums as well as private clients worldwide.

Offering artworks and art jewelry of high quality, the gallery has a reputation for excellence, integrity, and discretion that it continues to earn by providing a high level of service to understandably demanding clients.

Big Artist Gallery will assess quality and authenticity, buy and sell art principally for the benefit of the collectors. 

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大藝術家畫廊是中國繪畫和當代藝術的領先經銷商之一,擁有博物館以及全球私人客戶。 畫廊提供高質量的藝術品和藝術珠寶,以卓越,正直和謹慎的聲譽而著稱,並通過向要求苛刻的客戶提供高水平的服務與畫作。 


Wood Green London United Kingdom N22 8HH

Mon. - Sun. : 11:00-22:00        TEL/ 02-8501-5683

週一至週日:11am-10 pm      全年無休欣賞藝術     

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