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已有多位藏家預購,目前限量 30本,喜愛收藏藝術品的藏家們一生不能錯過,大藝術家畫廊全年無休為您服務。




Limit album of Qi Baishi's classic famous paintings. Carefully selected by the Big Artist Gallery and authorized to be produced. It is the only one in the world. The pearl luster texture paper allows each artwork to appreciate the master's painting techniques with the most exquisite resolution.

Enter the world of Master Qi Baishi. Many collectors have pre-ordered, the current limit is limited to 30 books.

Collectors who love to collect art can not miss it in their lifetime. Big Artist Gallery is at your service throughout the year.

International Limited Edition 30 for sale at US$ 200.


Ordering Hotline: 02-8501-5683